X100 PRO Auto key programmer supports keys programming, immobilizer programming, ECU programming, Vehicle Identification Number programming, New remote controller programming etc. A large number of auto key programmer devices sold on market which is available to replicate your car key if you have lost it. It is obviously wise to make a copy of your key to be kept in reserve than going through a frustrating experience after losing it.

The most important element is that X-100 Auto Key Programmer support Peugeot 3008. X-100 supports programming key and oil service light reset for Peugeot 3008 in detailed. Then, X-100 is often a handheld, straightforward and robust design scan tool, which tends to make your car service knowledge much easier. Ultimately, it really is of excellent functions and functions meeting my demand of diagnosing Peugeot 3008. Hence, X-100 is my choice.

How to Update X-100+ key programmer?
1.Download the update tool from http://www.xtooltech.com/.
X100 update tool
2.Install the update tool.
3.Log in with device serial number and register password to update.